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I’m Ray Manna, the publisher of this running commentary about interesting things I observe within the weird, wonderful and sublime landscape of digital, social and mobile marketing.  I also syndicate posts of this blog to CMO.com as well.  A little about me: I research, plan and develop digital, mobile and social strategies with core tactics that play a critical role in leading brands and ambitious organizations to new heights of customer engagement and business success.  More specifically, my work is the intersection of insight-driven customer engagement, informed channel selection, content marketing strategy, optimal UX and brand management.

My career in digital strategy, marketing and online publishing began in 1995 when I witnessed my first PowerPoint presentation.  At that time, I owned a small video production company, and knew we were done for just from being amazed by that one presentation.  So I got into gear, landed my first gig as an account director at a development shop, and then worked my way through several advertising and marketing agencies in New York, and then as website visitation became the currency, I began helping publishers including The Economist, BusinessWeek and CFO.com increase their qualified visitation and repeat engagement.  What I managed to accomplish in online publishing helped me transcend to my current practice area as lead digital, social media and mobile strategist.  Additionally, I usually oversee and manage project execution as it often comes with the territory, especially with agencies that are new to digital integration.

I thoroughly enjoy digital strategy, whether it’s the primary research undertakings, as well as leading the gathering of data and information, unearthing insights, managing the collaboration between stakeholders, including account, creative teams and specialists to develop insight-driven, integrated digital brand and social strategies that lead to innovative and interesting utilities and destinations.

During my career I’ve initiated and completed many interesting projects for well-known, international clients in the business-to-business, consumer and healthcare sectors.



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